Stole Chanderi Bagru Dabu Print(with tassels)

'Chanderi is name of village where this Stole are produced or weaved . Stole Chanderi is mixture of half silk and half cotton .this is handloom Stole. its light in weight. it is available in colour and kora (cream base) with jari and cotton border. on this process of hand block print is carried out with vegetative dyes that are sourced from plants and other natural mineral extracts. Each of these Stole is manually printed using wooden blocks.

Our features are:

  • Home Washable
  • Variety of Patterns
  • Hand dyed / printed
  • Traditional dyeing process.
  • Hand Dyed fabric
  • Industry Leading Prices
  • Elegant style
  • Supreme quality
  • Excellent style
  • Affordable.