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The stole is cloth, formerly usually of silk, about seven and a half to nine feet long and fifteen to eighteen inches wide, whose ends may be straight or may broaden out. The center of the stole is worn around the back of the neck and the two ends hang down parallel to each other in front, either attached to each other or hanging loose. The stole is almost always decorated in some way.

Stole Chanderi Bagru Dabu Print(with tassels)

‘Chanderi is name of village where this Stole are produced or weaved . Stole Chanderi is mixture of half silk and half cotton .this is handloom Stole. its light in weight. it is available in colour and kora (cream base) with jari and cotton border.

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Stole Kota Doria Bagru Dabu Print

Kota doria or Kota Stole made at Kota, Rajasthan, its nearby area.’Kota’ is place name. Stole are made of pure cotton and have square like patterns known as khats on them. This is Handloom Stole. They are very fine weaves and weigh very less.

Stole Mul Cotton Bagru print

Mul mul is fine cotton cloth. its very soft and light weight. it weaved on 100×120 count. its very popular. and on this cloth we print with natural colour and dyes with traditional wooden blocks .most of them have cream base.

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Stole Tasar Silk Handloom Bagru Dabu Print (with tassels)

Indian traditional tasar which is produced by the silkworm. weaved in Chhatisgarh /M.P.: Champa. on this Hand Block Print process took place . This is printed using vegetative dyes that are sourced from plants and other natural mineral extracts.

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